Fouad WhatsApp Apk Latest Version Download For Android [*Updated*]

In this digital world era, you must have heard about WhatsApp if you’re a smartphone user. If you have heard about WhatsApp and thinking of joining it or want to get some add on in it to upgrade your user experience in it then you should try Fouad Whatsapp APK.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Version 8.26 is another compatible and upgraded version of our WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, there are many restrictions which you have to follow that to use it but on the other hand Fouad WhatsApp 2020 lots of advance feature with unlocked customization.  You can use it beyond the restrictions.

Talking about its users, it is the most user-friendly mods available till now and its user interface is so good that you will fall in love with it. I used for some time and believe me it just made me fall for it more and more and day by day the love of my for it was getting deeper. The user interface of Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk is just unbelievably good. 

Fouad WhatsApp Apk 2020

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the best mod apk for using, which is developed by the same developers who developed FMWhatsapp named Fouad Mokdad as mentioned above. This developer has developed many similar apps like this too. This app Fouad WhatsApp v8.26 has a bunch of customization available in it which you will love while using it.

Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk For Android

Don’t know what are the things make this Mod so much special? Don’t worry here I will clear all your doubts regarding this, so the things which make it special is its user interface which I already told about that it’s too good. It also has so many endless features that you will love to use and it’s user-friendly is another reason why people find it more special than others.


With help of Fouad WhatsApp Antiban Apk, you can stand apart from your family and friends who will not have any idea of this WhatsApp Mod and hereby you can just have more and more perks of using this app. So just keep reading this whole post to understand this app and to know about the perks which are not so clear in other places.

Fouad Whatsapp MOD Features

There are lots of advantages of this app which are not available in official WhatsApp itself. So we gonna tell what are the features of Fouad Whatsapp Mod Apk. We have only mentioned some of the best & unique features below. To explore all its features, you need to download & install the APK on your phone.

  • Set Whatsapp home screen background Image of your choice.
  • Mention color in Chat Screen
  • New: Whatsapp group Invite Link feature
  • Voice note play button color
  • Voice note play bar
  • Forward icon color
  • Forward background-color
  • Participants Color
  • Call Blocker/Who can call me option (Calls > Menu)
  • White Navigation bar support for Android 8.0+
  • Azerbaijani language
  • Choose to place a picture next to All/First/Last bubble
  • My picture in conversation outside/inside
  • My picture in groups outside/inside
  • Date Color in Main Screen
  • Mention color in Main Screen
  • Documents Text Color in Chat Screen
  • YoThemes Store design (YoMods > YoThemes > Download themes)
  • Save themes now automatically also creates the theme .zip file!
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation
  • Duplicate New Call FAB
  • Participant nickname not getting colored in group
  • Messages text size not working for the Arabic language
  • Trick to bypass WhatsApp lock from YoWidget
  • HSV Color options not showing on Android 8.0+
  • Yowidget not showing properly for Arabic language phones (RTL)
  • White Statusbar causes viewing Images to be cropped at the bottom
  • Anti delete messages
  • Disable forward tag.
  • Hide media from the phone gallery.
  • Load theme does not apply wallpaper
  • Overall speed
  • Send Message without saving Indian Girls Whatsapp number
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Airplane Mode.
  • Many More.

These were the main features of Fouad Whatsapp Modded Apk 2020, more you can get to know after using it personally. Recently, Fouad Whatsapp v8.20 is launched. We have updated the download links also. Here are some of the new added features of version 8.12.

Fouad Whatsapp v8.26 (What's New)
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Whatsapp base update to 2.19.291.
  • Brand new design for FouadMods Settings menu.
  • Added: An option to clear WA database backups.
  • Added: Hidden chat won’t show in home unread counter.
  • New: Live preview of your colour changes!
  • Added in v8.12: Airplane mode
  • Update: Anti-BAN.
  • Options available to Show/hide Other contacts, Recent chats.
  • Change Colors of Status Seen Circle Color, Unseen Color, and many others.
  • Download themes with Home Wallpaper from Themes Store.
  • Exclusive 8.12: Add Custom Stickers from the Play Store.
  • Enabled: Reply privately in Groups by Selecting message >> 3-dots menu.
  • Added Again: Anti-Delete Status or Story (Fouad MODs> Privacy> Anti-Delete Status).
  • Enable Vibration for Hidden Conversation messages.
  • Options for show/hide Frequently contacted, Recent chats, Muted/ Viewed/ Recent Story updates.
  • Fixed bugs in Conversation lock (Stronger WhatsApp Lock).
  • YoTheme store performance improvement.
  • Watch YouTube Videos directly inside WhatsApp via PiP feature. (Best)

These were some of the newly added features of Fouad Mod App. Hope you will love these features as you can’t find such amazing features in other Whatsapp mods. You might have already tried Gbwhatsapp on your phone but after facing Whatsapp Ban issues you’re here on this page. Fouad Whatsapp has an anti-ban feature so you can use this Whatsapp Mod without worrying about ban issue.

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Download Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version

Finally, you’re there where you want to be. Yeah! This is the Fouad Whatsapp apk download section. You’ll get a direct download link below to download & install Fouad Whatsapp Mod on your smartphone. This link doesn’t contain any ad or url shortener. So, don’t worry just hit a single click on the download button & you’ll be redirected to Fouad Whatsapp download page to get a direct link.

Version Info

Fouad WhatsApp Apk


Once you download Fouad Whatsapp on your deivce you need to install it. It’s not easy to download any downloaded application from a third party like google chrome, etc. So you need to follow some basic steps which were given below.

Fouad Whatsapp Modded Apk (#Installation Guide)

So, now you have successfully download fouad whatsapp apk file on your phone. And now you’re going to install it on your device. But, before installing it, let me know you that it is a downloaded APK file which is not easy to install on any smartphone (especially new generation android). We have provided some simple steps following which you can Install Fouad Mod on your phone easily.

Before Installing Fouad WhatsApp, you need to Uninstall Official Whatsapp App. So, we recommend you to backup your Old chats (If you need). To backup your chats & files, Go to Settings >> Chat >> Chat Backup & download backup file.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

  • First, Uninstall Official Whatsapp App from your phone.
  • Download Fouad Whatsapp or If downloaded then Go to the Downloads section.
  • Open the .APK file & It will ask you for permission to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources option.

Allow Unknown Sources


  • Now go back & click on the Install button.
  • Just have some patience and wait for a few seconds.
  • Click on the Open button now.

Install Fouad WhatsApp

  • Voila. You have successfully Installed Fouad WhatsApp Latest Verison APK on your smartphone.
  • Now, you need to Set up your Whatsapp account in it.
  • Click on the Whatsapp icon from the Apps section of your phone.
  • Now Click on Agree & Continue and Enter your mobile number.
  • After that, Click on Copy Whatsapp Data (If you want to restore your previous Whatsapp data) otherwise click on Next button.
  • You’ll get Restore button at the bottom if you’ve backup filed downloaded on your phone. Click on Restore.


  • That’s it. You have successfully Imported your Whatsapp Account on Fouad WhatsApp. Enjoy 😀

Now Enjoy the features & amazing never-ending features of it which will make you to love this app. So this was the simple steps to install any app you want to install because it will save your time and will help you to download it in a less hassle-free manner.

Some sites may confuse people by saying Fouad WhatsApp Mod and FMWhatsapp Mod are same but it’s not true, they two are developed by the same developer name Fouad Mokdad, so the scenario here is that the developer made two similar looking but not same versions of WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So there were tons of people asking me a lot of questions in my comment sections and they were the repeated questions. So I decided to give you all the answers in one go and solve all your queries regarding this app here itself. So go through all the questions because you may get the answers to the questions which you want to ask or going to ask.

Q.1) What is the major difference between official Whatsapp available on play store and Fouad Whatsapp? 

Ans:- So the answer is simple, you can get many features which have been told to you by us above which are not available in official WhatsApp. And it will help to stand out in front you family, relatives and friends because you will be getting tons of feature which they will not in official Whatsapp.

Q.2 Using Fouad Whatsapp is safe and secure?

Ans:-  Yes, absolutely safe and secure. They always care about your privacy and security which are too good of them. And they have amazing privacy and security rules which they follow for all users and which will not let anyone misuse your private things. I’m personally again recommending this to you.

Q.3) Can I use both official WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp Mod app in the same phone?

Ans:- Yes you can definitely use both apps together, but the main criteria are you have to use different phone numbers for both to verify and use.

Q.4) Can I use Fouad WhatsApp Apk in iOS?

Ans:- Oops the thing is you got the best phone in your hand with a high budget in your pocket but ugh you just can’t use this app, sad? I know but the developer has not made this portable for iOS.

Q.5 Is it necessary to root my phone to install this?

Ans:- You don’t need to root your smartphone to install this app.

Q.6) Do Fouad WhatsApp contains ads?

Ans:- No, it doesn’t contain any ads.

So that’s it for Fouad WhatsApp Latest v8.26 and I too use it and I will also recommend you to use it and enjoy the amazing feature of it which I’m enjoying from a long time and which let me stand out apart from my friends. The user interface is too good and too friendly for users. If you love to listen to music then, you must try Spotify premium Apk on your phone. It’s a free & unlimited free music app where you can find millions of tracks anytime, anywhere.

Fouad Whatsapp Latest Apk allows you to customize your Whatsapp as per your needs. You can set your privacy options as well as security for your chats & media. Once you download fouad Whatsapp, you need uninstall official Whatsapp if you want to use your previous mobile number on Fouad Whatsapp. To use dual whatsapp on your device, you need to use different number than the previous one.


Fouad WhatsApp Apk Mod is one of the leading mod apk in the market, this app has a lot of features in it which you will love to use and love to share with your friends too. Fouad WhatsApp Latest doesn’t charge anything to the users to provide this features to its users which is too good of them, it is totally an android app, which is a replica of WhatsApp but with more and more features available in it.

we hope you’ve enjoyed this article as we have shared everything related to your favourite WhatsApp MOD Application. Well, you can now easily download Fouad Whatsapp as well as install it on your smartphone without facing any issues. We will keep updating this article whenever the latest version arrives. So, we recommend you to bookmark this page in your browser.  Also, Don’t miss to play Whatsapp dare games with your friends & relatives in your free time :-p

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