790+ Girls WhatsApp Numbers For Dating & Chatting [Indian, USA, UK]

Lots of youngsters are wasting their time in searching for Girls WhatsApp Numbers. Are you one of them? If yes, then this article will be like a heaven for you. We are going to share Working Girls Number, Dating Girls Number, Girls Whatsapp number for chatting, etc. You can now start chatting with girls from any country on WhatsApp & ask her to meet you for the date. We have covered worldwide Girls contact numbers in this article.

There are lots of boys who are interested in making new friends including boys & girls. Well, It’s easy to make male friends on social media but, in the case of female friends, it gets too hard. Isn’t it? of course, as most of the girls aren’t interested in boys & making new male friends. Don’t worry, You can now enjoy chatting with girls through the Call Girls Numbers shared below. Here, we have covered 100+ Real Girls Numbers to which you can start sending messages & ask them for friendship.

Every one of you is searching for working girl contact number on the internet. That’s why you are on this page right now. Well, we are going to provide you what you are searching for. You just need to read this article till the end. We have added almost all types of Girls Number List below including dating, call girls number, etc. Moreover, if you need more, let us know in the comment section.

Please Note:- Below Content may contain adult & personal info. So, it is only recommended for 18+ Only. All these personal Whatsapp numbers are shared with the owner’s permission

Girls WhatsApp Numbers [*Real*]

Whatsapp is now one of the most useful messaging apps for smartphone users. We can now send messages, photos, videos, documents anytime, anywhere all over the world. Similarly, you can now get in touch with worldwide girls on Whatsapp directly through the info shared below.


We have shared all the country’s Girls number including US, UK, Canada, India, Nigeria, etc. You don’t need to waste your money in searching Girls contact on the internet. Just start sending messages on Whatsapp to the numbers shared below.

Things To Remember Before Sending Whatsapp Messages:-
  • Do not send Unwanted Sms otherwise you’ll get blocked.
  • Don’t irritate any girl by sending adult pics & videos.
  • Don’t share numbers in Fb & Whatsapp groups.
  • We have shared these girls info for chatting & friendship purpose only.
  • Don’t try to directly call or make Whatsapp calls without girls permission.

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Dating Girls WhatsApp Number (*Indian, UK, USA*)

In India, most of the people like to chat with Call girls on Whatsapp. If you’re included among them, then this article is going to be useful for you. You can find lots of Call girls number from all over India.

Indian Dating Girl Number
  • Name: Neeta
  • Age: 22
  • Language: Tamil, English, Hindi
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Occupation: Work
  • City: Chettinad
  • +919977162581

Indian Call Girl Number
  • Name: Nisha
  • Age: 24
  • Language: Tamil, English, Hindi
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Occupation: Work
  • City: Chettinad
  • +919977162581
Dating Girls Number
  • Name: Manila
  • Age: 25
  • Language: Tamil, English, Hindi
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Occupation: Work
  • City: Kancheepuram
  • +918056231479
Girls WhatsApp Number
  • Name: Arthur
  • Age: 23
  • Language: Tamil, English, Hindi
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Occupation: Work
  • City: Kumbakonam
  • +918070077596

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Girls WhatsApp Number For Friendship

Why you need Girls WhatsApp Numbers? people might be thinking about this question while reading this article. Well, Let me answer you. Girls are very attractive & innocent. people can enjoy chatting, sharing pictures with girls on Whatsapp. You can even make them your friend if they find your behaviour good & respective. Once you find a girl in your life, you start thinking about her & all your negativity and stress get out of your mind. This is how girls work like medicine in most of the boy’s life.

Indian Girls WhatsApp Number   8094421175
USA Girl WhatsApp Number   7340529920
Bengaluru Girls WhatsApp Number  8824777248 
Canada Girls WhatsApp Number  9511311921
Call Girls WhatsApp Number 9828407394
UK Girls WhatsApp Number  8094421175
Delhi Girls WhatsApp Number 9667224181
Hot Girls WhatsApp Number Jaipur  9643379766
Nigerian Girls Contact Number  7359035066

This is not much easy to find Girls Contact Number on the internet. This is because on few of the girls share their WhatsApp number on the internet & social media because of their own privacy. But now worry, we have personally collected some Girls WhatsApp Numbers For Chatting & shared them below with you. So, you can now add these Dating Girls Number on your WhatsApp account & start chatting with them. You can also start playing Whatsapp Dare Games with the girls whose contact numbers are shared above.

   Girls WhatsApp Group Invite Links

USA Girls WhatsApp Number List

Chatting with foreign girls is yet another best experience. Am I right? yeah, US girls have different views, topic to chat with you. You can now start chatting with USA Girls on WhatsApp using the contact numbers shared below. Please make sure that you don’t have to irritate them by calling & sending unwanted Sms otherwise they will block you.

Name- Jasmine
Country – US
Number – 919977162581

Name- Lily
Country – USA
Number -+1 315949 3959

Name- Isabella
Country – California, US
Number -+1 315949 3960

Country – America
Number -+1 315949 3968

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UK Girls Number For Friendship

The United Kingdom is a popular country where you can find lots of Dating girls, beautiful girls for chatting & friendship. You can also increase your English communication skills by chatting with UK Girls. Here are some of the popular UK Dating Girls Numbers available for you.

Status- Committed
Number -+1 31594 998 456

Name- Alexis
Status- have a boyfriend
Number – +1 31594 998 765

Status- Single
Number -+1 936-247-1155

Name- Anna
Status- Committed
Number -+1 9930637524

Name- Catty
Status- In Love
Number -+1 849041298

Status- Single
Number -+1 849041299

Indian Girls WhatsApp Numbers

India is a secular country where you find all religion’s people. If you love to chat & date Muslim Girls then you can collect their Whatsapp numbers from the below section. After searching a lot of the web, we found these Indian Call Girls Number. You can even chat with any of these girls on Whatsapp anytime & enjoy.

Name- Suman Samal
Status- Chat only

Name- Sumantra Majhi
Status- Single

Name- Sunita Majhi
Status- A girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust

Name- Harapriya Pradhan
Status-a beautiful face, age and perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful…
+91 9654766052

Name- Anamika Reddy
Status- Can’t talk Whatsapp only

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Canada Girls Number For Friendship

In terms of Dating & call girls, Canada comes first in our mind. Isn’t it? Of course, there are many girls from canada who have shared their Whatsapp number with us & are interested in chatting with boys. We have added all those number below.

Name- Amelia
Status- In a relationship
Age- 19
+61 784 567 8921

Status- Single
+61 756 567 8921

Name- Mia Rawiz
Status- Single
+61 784 345 6782

Name- Chloe
Status- In a relationship
+61 5673456743

College Girls WhatsApp Number

Mostly, college girls are interested in dating boys & chatting. We have also collected some college girls contact info who are interested in getting in touch with boys. But, please don’t irritate any of these girls by sending Spam message & calls.

Name- Lea
Status- Searching for the perfect boy
Age- 21
+1 456 567 5783

Name- Olivia
Status- Whatsapp only
+1 567 578 9984

Name- Maria
Status- Friendship
Age- 21
+1 547 567 8932

Name -Zoe Alice
Status- Single !!
Age- 21
+1 558 456 7893

Status- In a Relationship.
+1 456764 7892

Name- Somia
Status- Mingle
+39 674 678 5678

Pakistan Girls Number For Friendship

It one of the best countries to find perfect girls for you. You can find lots of girls for dating & chatting from Pakistan. From the web, we found some Real Pakistani Girls number which is mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

Name- Butler Khan
Status- Chat only.
Age – 18
+92 777375 5978

Name- Amna 
Status- In a long-distance relationship
Age- 19
+92 784 567 6789

Name- Mariya Khan
Status- Single
Age- 20
+92 789 345 6789

Name- Saadia
Status- Whatsapp Calls only
Age- 22
+92 897 456 3456

These were some of the real girls Whatsapp numbers which are 100% working and personally tested. I hope you can now start chatting with girls online on Whatsapp & calls. Fouad Whatsapp is the best messaging app with lots of amazing features. You can also do audio, video calls if any of these girls allow you to do so.

Why You need Girls Number for Chatting & Friendship?

Most of the boys are interested in chatting with girls no matter she is strange or known. Girls are really beautiful & attractive. They have hundreds of qualities which attracts boys towards them. Girls do much care & respect of their friends, parents & loved ones. There is a charm in every girl which makes boys mad for their beauty.

Now the question is ‘Why you need girls Whatsapp numbers’? Well, there is always a special girl in every boy life. When she leaves him because of any reason he gets alone & feels depressed. So, if you’re one of them & wants to come out of depression & loneliness then you must need Girls Numbers for chatting. You can find working girls contact number from the list shared by us.

Girls have the power to make you feel happy no matter what the situation is. So, I recommend you to chat with strange girls if you’re feeling depressed. By chatting with them, you can understand how girls feel, how they react & understand their feelings too. Girls love people who care for them. So, you should always talk to girls with great respect & care. They are like angels & it’s our duty to make them happy all time.

It is not much easy to get random girls numbers from the internet. But, we are here to help you every time. So, we have shared hundreds of Girls numbers list above. You can select any of your desired contact numbers from the list & start chatting with them through Whatsapp message or Call.

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Submit You WhatsApp Number

Well, you got a girl Whatsapp number now. But, If you’re interested in sharing your Whatsapp number with personal info then we welcome you. You can now submit your WhatsApp number to list them in this article. You just need to fill the given form & provide your personal details which verify you. Once we confirm your details, your Whatsapp number will be displayed in this article with your info.

This is the simple form available for everyone including male. Everyone can submit their Whatsapp number if he/she is interested in chatting with strangers. We request you to not to fill fake details in the given form otherwise we will stop collection your Whatsapp numbers through this way. Kindly, submit your real details & working girls Whatsapp number only if you want to share with us.

Note:- We only share Whatsapp numbers which are allowed to be shared by their owners. You are not forced to submit your personal number here.

So, let us know how much you liked this post? Also, don’t forget to tell other readers that which number is now working & which is not. If you want to share your FmWhatsapp number with us then just fill the form given above or you can drop in the comment section also. Your other details will be kept secured & we will not share it without your permission.

This was our collection of 100% Working & Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers from all countries. You can find girls number around the world in this article. This article is especially for those who are interested in chatting & dating girls. All these shared numbers are provided by girls who are mostly interested in chatting with boys. You can send a message on Whatsapp anytime on these given Whatsapp numbers.


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