Top 5 Reliable & Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students

Homeworks and projects have been the biggest headache of students ever since. Children hate doing homework, and teachers love providing them with piles of homework and project. Often children complain that most of the time, their vacations are spent doing homework, and they get very little time to play and enjoy their vacation.

We came up again with this article where you’ll get Top Textsheet Free Alternatives List. After searching a lot on the internet, we found this list of Working Similar Sites Like Hope, you gonna love these. After reading this article, you never gonna feel fear for your homework.

Best Textsheet Alternatives 2020 [Free]

The digital age has come up with a solution to everything. It also helped the children with their homework phobia. The digital advancement came with a solution called a text sheet that not only reduced the tension of homework but made it more comfortable and a fun task for the kids.

Textsheet Alternatives List

The textsheet has helped a lot of students is performing their homework and projects by using their smartphone or personal computer.

Now, the textsheet is no more available to help out the students, but several alternatives of textsheet have been introduced in the digital market. This article will share some of the Text sheets Alternatives that are helping the children with their Homeworks and projects.

What is Textsheet? is a website that offered homework help to students. This website provides a complete solution to every question given in assignments to make homework a fun process. This website has helped millions of students for many years with their homework and assignments.

Textsheet offered homework helped to students and assignments solutions for free of cost.

Due to Copyright infringement issues, textsheet got banned and was taken down from the Internet. But, the students need not worry as there have been several Textsheet Alternatvies introduced to help students with their homework and solution of assignments. You may also like Rouletteb Alternatives Sites List which were previously shared by us.



Slader is the Best alternative of textsheet widely used among US students. As a student, of any age group, you can access step by step solutions for your queries. The solutions of the website provide complete clarification of the questions. It is also expanding its reform school students to college students by providing high content quality.

You can use Slader for your mathematical problem in your school or college.

Course Hero

Course Hero

Out of many other Similar Sites like Textsheet present over the Internet, the Course hero is one of the leading alternatives of textsheet. It offers a complete package of homework help to students of all ages. It provides students with notes and solved questions very quickly.

The students can use it for studying topics in a deeper prospectus and download it for further use. It has more than 25 million of course study material as it is mentioned on its website.

It has an extensive feature by which a can easily find study resources by typing the name of the school or by typing the subjects or courses. After doing a simple sign-up, you can download its study documents to help your other friends with their homework.

Studylib (Study Library)


Studylib or study library is another Top alternative for Textsheet. The website provides homework help to all the students. It provides access to solved answers to questions asked in assignments and homework. It offers complete solutions for tasks, projects, and homework to students. You can also download the notes and solution and share with your friends to help them as well in the homework.

This also provides you the freedom to share the solutions on social networking sites for free for helping others as well. It covers a large number of the subject which includes mathematics, social science, business studies, engineering and technology, science, history and miscellaneous other subjects.



Chegg is a leading alternative of Textsheet, which helps the students by assisting them with their homework. It provides a series of homework and assignments help to the students of school and colleges. A student can access queries of up to 80 plus different subjects on Chegg. A student can access the answer to their assignment questions very quickly using Chegg.

The app is beneficial to students of all age groups.

You need to sign up for the Chegg app and can access its various features at affordable costs.

You can join the membership of Chegg by making a payment of 14.95 dollars per month and $30 per month with the video calling feature. The video call feature will provide you with an online teacher on a video conference to clear the doubts instantly.



Another textsheet alternative is PaperHep. It helps the student with the same features as the text sheet. This website helps several students to complete their assignments and project in time more naturally. This was started in 2008 and is assisting several college and school students even today.

Paperhelp not only helps school kids with their homework, but it is equally helpful for the students who are pursuing research in various subjects. PaperHelp is highly useful for Ph.D. students as well. It provides them access to numerous research papers of high quality. This helps the time of researches as they can focus more on their thesis rather than spending hours in search of research papers. It provides the doorstep delivery of research paper to the Ph.D. students after signup.



Sparknotes is another alternative available for Textsheets. This is a website where you, as a college or school student, can get access to notes of many lessons. The lessons can vary from various subjects available in the course. Barnes and Noble made ir effective in 2001. A lot of American students use this to prepare for tests like the SAT as it provides references to books.

There are a variety of subjects available on SparkNotes such as biology, mathematics, chemistry, health, physics, politics, economics, biography, US government and politics, drama, philosophy, sociology, film, poetry, storytelling, short stories, computer science and much more. 


A lot of students use this website to make their homework easier. They use this website to enhance their knowledge, as well.This was an outlook of various alternatives of Textsheet, which are available on Intenet to help students in making their study easier by providing them homework help. If you feel tired of studying every time, feel free to use Netflix cookies shared previous to chill out. 

We have shared some of those Best Textsheet Alternatives. You can find more on the internet, but before using make sure that they are working properly. got removed a few years ago & after that many fake websites are created by developers just to earn money. So, we recommend you to use only above shared sites as these are 100% working & personally verified.

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